Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soft Shell Tacos with Toppings it is...

Tonight's meal was going to be Dry Ribs with Couscous and Broccoli but somebody (not pointing fingers- okay, ya, it was me) didn't check the recipe and it was supposed to be prepped the night before cooking and then cooked for 8-10 hours the day of serving.  Since I had put the chicken in the freezer not wanting it to go bad before we used it, tacos it ended up being.

Soft Tacos
Now this was a bit of a tough one to go a head and do since we already have a taco dinner down, known as Studham Tacos.  Why mess with a good thing, right?  And the recipe calls for more unusual seasonings instead of just taco seasoning.  This recipe in addition to chili powder includes turmeric and cumin, seasonings I've only used in Indian dishes.  These all went in the browning hamburger in addition to onion flakes and finally some water and ketchup to thicken over a simmer.  Ryan tried each ingredient individually and REALLY didn't like the turmeric.  I reminded him its the blending and proportions and balance of the ingredients that when mixed makes a new flavor.  Of course, I'm just reiterating what the rat said in the movie Ratatouille and hoping it would hold true.  Tasting the meat (a perk of being the cooks) proved it to be true.  We went on chopping the standard toppings of tomatoes and lettuce in addition to some we don't typically use- green onions and cilantro.  More on the cilantro later.  Cheese, sour cream, and salsa rounded out the toppings for the soft flour tortillas.

Ryan enjoying the last of the tacos
When we sat down, I was thinking, "Hmmm, this will be interesting but we'll probably never make it again.  It can't be as good as Studham Tacos."  I didn't think the kids would use the tomato and lettuce since they never do.  Heck, Ryan doesn't put any veggies on his Subway sandwiches.  Tonight he did use them!  He even tried the cilantro too.  It was really good!  The sauce was kind of like a Manwich flavor but not nearly as sweet or tomato-y.  It definitely wasn't a taco flavoring either.  The ketchup seemed to give it enough sauce without making it saucy, if that makes any sense at all.  Having the cilantro in there was great.  Gave it a really fresh flavor to counter the savory/sweet sauce/not-saucy meat.  I even used the green onions, which I usually bi-pass out of habit, don't tell our kids;).  They weren't nearly as strong in the soft taco as I thought they would be.  Seemed to be in there more for the crunch than anything else.  I still skipped the sour cream.  That I just don't like...again, the munchkins need not know;).  This meal was by far the best overall so far.  The meat was so good we were bargaining scoops of ice cream for the last taco.  When we make it again, which we definitely will, we will be doubling the amount of meat.  It'd make great nachos... if there were any leftovers.  Overall score: I'll have to put it in tomorrow's posting.  It received Scott's highest ranking so far but I don't remember the kids' rankings to average them out.  Regardless, the meat was really good.

On deck for tomorrow night: Dry Ribs with Couscous and Broccoli.  Ryan mixed the rub before going to bed and tried each ingredient.  More on that tomorrow...

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  1. We absolutely love cilantro, we have some turning brown in the refrigerator all the time! (I guess we need to eat tacos more...